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    Helping You Create That Momentum In Your Business And Re-Ignite Your Manifesting Mojo So You Can Make A Difference In The World, And Tap Into The Magic And Power Of Manifesting Your Hearts Desire.

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"Are You Tired Of The Struggle? Are You Ready To Create More Success In Your Life?"

Discover The 5 Essential Keys To Instantly Shift Your Mindset, Build Your Confidence, Get Unstuck And Design The Life And Business Of Your Dreams!

Kay Sanders, Intuitive Business Coach, Creator of Possibilities, Bestselling AuthorI am Kay Sanders, Intuitive Business Coach, Bestselling author and known as the Creator of Possibilities. I love being a mentor to heart-centered entrepreneurs and guide them on their way of creating momentum in their business, gain a winning mindset and the confidence to step out of their comfort zone, become more visible, attract more clients easily and effortlessly, make more money and ultimately take their life and business to the next level!

I have experienced my fair share of struggles as I was trying to grow my business, and even though I had done all the right things to market myself and my business, I wasn't getting the traction I was hoping for. I had to learn the hard way that success is not solely determined by the amount of work you do, or the different marketing, sales and client getting strategies you implement. Success is determined by you "becoming" the person you need to become that allows success, more money and the "fame" that comes with being a successful entrepreneur.

Once I realized that it was more about my "becoming" rather than what I was "doing", things started to shift and Breakthroughs started to happen.

All these breakthroughs that you are waiting for, or working towards, are gained by overcoming your fears, self-doubts, limiting beliefs, and also money blocks - or our "inner gremlins" as I like to call these blocks that sabotage our success and keeps entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, underpaid and struggling to get clients.

Do you desire to create momentum in your business, and design your life based on the lifestyle you desire? Do you want things to be much easier than they have been where clients come to you rather than you having to work so hard to find clients who are willing to work with you and most of all willing to pay what you are worth?

My unique combination of Transformational Business & Mindset Coaching, infused with Spiritual Modalities, will help you not only discover what is truly holding you back, and standing in your way of creating the success and freedom you desire, but also help you break through your blocks, release your inner gremlins, create the different systems and strategies required to create a sustainable business model where your business is working for you, rather than you constantly working on your business rather than in your business.

You will be able to gain a winning mindset, wealth consciousness, and finally kick-start your Manifesting Mojo so you can manifest your hearts desire - easily and effortlessly.

It is your time now to shine and to claim the success, the freedom, and lifestyle you not only desire but most of all deserve!

Mindset Coaching

Success is not only determined by the "doing", but more so about who you need to "become"!

Business Coaching

Implement the right systems and strategies to design a profitable and sustainable business model.


Choose from a variety of programs and training products that best fit your and your Business' needs.


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What others are saying about working with Kay...

  • Setting both business and personal GOALS for 2016 with the help of my very good friend Kay Sanders. If you are starting your own business, network marketing, have an established business, or just want to get stuff in order....I highly recommend contacting her! She also has a great podcast that will help you stay motivated! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
    Tiffany R.

  • Kay's energy is absolutely magical! I feel so supported by her caring nature and her amazing ability to hone in on what's holding me back from building my business! I look forward to continuing our work together and her support for helping grow my successful health coaching business. Thank you, Kay!
    Emma W.

  • Kay is very positive and encouraging. She is very passionate about coaching and has a lot of enthusiasm. She is also direct and very willing to share resources with you that she thinks might be helpful. Kay was very good and holding me accountable to the things I wanted to accomplish. She also was very good at challenging me to do more than I thought I could. I learned how important it is to have energy and enthusiasm for the client and to hold them in “high regard”. This helped me to accomplish… 
    Aynn R.

  • Kay is a wonderful coach. She's professional and personable, she's reliable and relatable. Her insights uncovered emotional blocks for me and her strategies to address them allowed me to make real progress in my business. She's not always a comfortable place to be, but she is consistently caring and compassionate. Besides, what REAL growth EVER occurred comfortably? She'll take you places you may not want to go, but you'll be so glad you went once you get through it. If you need a virtual kick in the butt, she's got just the pumps for the job.
    Eden A.

  • Breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough - if this is what you want in your business then look no further than Kay Sanders. In just a few sessions Kay has helped me work through blocks that I have struggled with for years. Her style is calm, compassionate, sincere and kind, yet focused and insightful. I feel an excitement for and a drive in my business that I haven't felt in a long time. The sky is the limit in my business; I see that now thanks to Kay's support. If you want my recommendation, here it is. Add Kay to your success team.
    Jessica M.

  • Kay has been such a great help to me, beginning with helping me get clear on what I wanted to do, and then overcoming my limiting beliefs, researching and evaluating my target market, and finally developing the structure I needed to take consistent action to achieve my goals. I've had a number of coaches, but her particular blend of caring, coaching and education has moved me forward and renewed my confidence and motivation. She delivers the best coaching I've experienced. I highly recommend her, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.
    Sharon O.

  • I woke up this morning really feeling ‪‎grateful‬! I have connected with Kay Sanders on numerous projects and she has go gracious to help me with - how to right a sales page, series of leading emails, flyers/ebook covers, and even web design and functionality. Kay I cannot thank you enough for helping me with your amazing skill set. You really are on to something... your skill set covers from the creative side to the very technical side. Amazing! Thank you so much for all that you have helped me with! I will continue to use you for future projects!
    Tamara R.

  • I reached out to Kay because I had time available to devote to lead generation and didn't want to learn what worked and didn't work through trial and error. From the get go Kay helped me determine which strategies would be most effective for my business. She also played a critical role in helping me get set up with the right digital marketing platforms. I now feel I have a great start toward building a lead generation program that will help me achieve my long term business goals. If you're struggling to get clients, I would highly recommend reaching out to Kay - she will get you on the right path and ensure you start getting new clients immediately! Tracy M.

  • I've always thought of myself as a great planner and organizer, but when I attended Kay's workshop, I was blown away! She draws out details I never would have thought of, and makes them so relevant I can't believe I've been doing business without them! Kay's real strength is that she doesn't solely focus on the plan, she also focuses on the "WHY". This has already been helpful for me in deciding where to apply my money and time! I feel so much more confident in my 2016 success and growth, thank you so much, Kay!! 
    Remy L.

Create Your Business Breakthrough

Are you ready to create momentum in your business and make a bigger impact in the world? Are you driven, with the desire to create more freedom in your life but you don't really know how to make it happen? As an Intuitive Business Coach and Creator of Possibilities I specialize in helping Coaches, Consultants, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, just like YOU, create more possibilities for success, develop a winning mindset and find the confidence to create the life and business of their dreams!

Are you ready to take that next step and create momentum in your business, fill your business with more of your ideal clients, up-level your lifestyle and finally enjoy greater joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in your business and more freedom in your life?

If this is YOU and you are ready to say YES to you and your dreams then the next step is simple...

You may want to start out with scheduling a "Create Your Business Breakthrough Strategy Session" to help you discover where that missing link is that will help you ignite your business!