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    Helping You Grow Your Business With The Right Systems And Strategies To Get An Abundance of New Clients, Earn The Income You Desire And Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable And Successful Business.

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Are you an entrepreneur who is driven, who wants to achieve great success but you either don’t know how to go about it or you might even feel stuck? Do you want to elevate your life and business?

Are you just starting out or struggling to find clients and earn the income you desire? Do you feel like you are so close but can’t seem to make that leap? Or maybe you are close to making that 6-figure income but it seems almost impossible to reach that income goal?

Maybe you are frustrated because you have been working long hours in your business, not able to spend much time with your loved ones or doing things you used to enjoy. Or you are wondering when will it be your time to make some real money like all these other successful entrepreneurs?

Do you have a website that you already invested so much time and money into but you see no results with it? Maybe you want to be more visible and attract potential clients to come to you rather than you having to chase after them?

As a Business Coach I specialize in helping coaches, consultants, and service professionals, just like YOU, to gain momentum in their business, develop a winning mindset and find the confidence to take their life and business to the next level!

This includes becoming more visible and gain credibility to increase the know, like and trust you factor. Most of all, it includes Grow their business with the right Systems and Strategies to put their sales and lead generation on autopilot.

To start or grow a business, you need to have effective systems in place to build your list, to automate your business in order to leverage your time better so you won’t be working non-stop without seeing the desired results.

But how do you know what systems to use, what strategies to implement, and most of all, how do you implement all of those fancy technical strategies that are supposed to make your life easier?

I ensure that I will help, guide and support you along the way, to help you not only make sense of all the different tools, strategies and resources that are available, but also help you choose and implement the right strategies for your business needs. This includes online marketing strategies, lead generation strategies, business management strategies and strategies for multiple streams of income.

My unique combination of coaching and consulting will help you achieve the Business Breakthrough you have been waiting for and if you have already achieved great success, it will help you take your business to the next level and achieving even more success. It will help you break through your barriers, meet your goals, gain a winning mindset, implement different systems and strategies that will allow you to have an abundance of new clients every month, earn what you are worth and more, and life the lifestyle you desire.


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If you’ve been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren’t happening as fast as you want, then I’d like to help you create a MAJOR business BREAKTHROUGH.

Business Breakthrough Session

Meet Kay Sanders

Kay is a nationally-recognized Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and licensed Get Clients Now! Facilitator.  She draws from her own experiences and struggles in life and in business to inspire others and to make a difference in their life.

She specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and other online service professionals, to Grow their business with the right Systems and Strategies to put their sales and lead generation on autopilot. This includes their online marketing, lead generation, and business management strategies. Kay helps them not only make sense of all the different tools, strategies and resources that are available, but also helps them choose and implement the  right strategies for their business needs.

Kay has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and other media outlets and she truly beliefs that everyone, not only deserves, but also has the ability, to live a fulfilling life full of success and achievements.

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Hear From Happy Customers

I woke up this morning really feeling ‪‎grateful‬! I have connected with Kay Sanders on numerous projects and she has go gracious to help me with - how to right a sales page, series of leading emails, flyers/ebook covers, and even web design and functionality. Kay I cannot thank you enough for helping me with your amazing skill set. You really are on to something... your skill set covers from the creative side to the very technical side. Amazing! Thank you so much for all that you have helped me with! I will continue to use you for future projects!
Tamara Renee

Kay is a wonderful coach. She's professional and personable, she's reliable and relatable. Her insights uncovered emotional blocks for me and her strategies to address them allowed me to make real progress in my business. She's not always a comfortable place to be, but she is consistently caring and compassionate. Besides, what REAL growth EVER occurred comfortably? She'll take you places you may not want to go, but you'll be so glad you went once you get through it. If you need a virtual kick in the butt, she's got just the pumps for the job.
Eden Adele


Kay has been such a great help to me, beginning with helping me get clear on what I wanted to do, and then overcoming my limiting beliefs, researching and evaluating my target market, and finally developing the structure I needed to take consistent action to achieve my goals. I've had a number of coaches, but her particular blend of caring, coaching and education has moved me forward and renewed my confidence and motivation. She delivers the best coaching I've experienced. I highly recommend her, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Sharon Olbeter - Goal Setting Savvy

Setting both business and personal GOALS for 2016 with the help of my very good friend Kay Sanders. If you are starting your own business, network marketing, have an established business, or just want to get stuff in order....I highly recommend contacting her! She also has a great podcast that will help you stay motivated! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
Tiffany Ruiz Hobler