Bestselling Author Kay Sanders to Launch “Leaders of Mastery” Personal and Professional Development Center

With the growing popularity of life and business coaching, Kay Sanders sees an opportunity to help more people learn how to find their passion and achieve their life and business goals.

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She is known as “The Jump-Start Coach” for her unique ability to help people get their life and business going. Now, Kay Sanders, best-selling author of "The Coaching Business Blueprint,” co-author of "The Change 5: Insights Into Self-Empowerment,” and host of "The Success Blueprint For Entrepreneurs Show," is taking her calling to even greater heights with the launch of her latest project, “Leaders of Mastery.”

Leaders of Mastery ( is an online site for premium personal and professional development training that leverages the experience and wisdom of highly-qualified coaches and authors, each contributing their expertise in the form of courses, books, and coaching services. According to Sanders, “Leaders of Mastery will offer only the very best courses and teachings to bring you lasting changes and improvement in your life.”

Sanders’ personal philosophy is, “Everything Is Possible - Nothing Is Impossible.” And if anyone doubts the power of that philosophy to achieve their goals, they need only look at Sanders’ real-life example for proof.

Born and raised in Germany, Kay Sanders married and moved to the United States with her husband and young son, dreaming of a better life. However, only a few weeks after arriving in a new country, she and her husband separated, leaving her to raise their child alone. Financial challenges and health problems threatened to overwhelm her and success seemed like a far-flung dream she would never achieve. Yet, after many years of trying, failing, and trying again, she learned how to overcome these obstacles. Along the way she discovered a passion for coaching and a desire to help others find meaning and purpose in their lives.

“I didn’t have the support, the tools, or the mentors that could have given me the shortcuts to success,” Sanders says. “So I had to learn from my own experiences and struggles.”

Sanders started out working with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In recent years she has focused on helping entrepreneurs and “want to become” entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses. “Kay has been such a great help to me, beginning with helping me get clear on what I wanted to do, and then overcoming my limiting beliefs, researching and evaluating my target market, and finally developing the structure I needed to take consistent action to achieve my goals,” says client Sharon Olbeter.  “I've had a number of coaches, but her particular blend of caring, coaching and education has moved me forward and renewed my confidence and motivation.  She delivers the best coaching I've experienced.”

Today, besides running a successful coaching business and launching Leaders of Mastery, Sanders has completed her degree in IT Management and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

But Sanders wanted to make an even bigger impact, and she realized that there was only so much she could do as one person. That is when the idea for Leaders of Mastery was born.

“I wanted to create a community of knowledgeable, passionate experts who could join forces and provide people with cutting-edge tools to create lasting change,” Sanders says. “Leaders of Mastery will teach you how to elevate your life, grow your business, and achieve your goals.”

For a limited time, Kay Sanders is making her co-authored book, “The Change 5: Insights Into Self-Empowerment,” available as a free download from the soon-to-be-launched Leaders of Mastery website. To find out more about Leaders of Mastery, and to download Sanders’ book, visit


Kay Sanders - The Jump Start Coach, is a Business Coach, and Bestselling Author, specializing in effective strategies to not only get you visibility, exposure and expert status but also attract your target audience, close more sales, and earn more revenue.  Work With Kay >>


Breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough - if this is what you want in your business then look no further than Kay Sanders. In just a few sessions Kay has helped me work through blocks that I have struggled with for years. Her style is calm, compassionate, sincere and kind, yet focused and insightful. I feel an excitement for and a drive in my business that I haven't felt in a long time. The sky is the limit in my business; I see that now thanks to Kay's support. If you want my recommendation, here it is. Add Kay to your success team.  - Jessica Madry

 I've always thought of myself as a great planner and organizer, but when I attended Kay's workshop, I was blown away! She draws out details I never would have thought of, and makes them so relevant I can't believe I've been doing business without them! Kay's real strength is that she doesn't solely focus on the plan, she also focuses on the "WHY". This has already been helpful for me in deciding where to apply my money and time! I feel so much more confident in my 2016 success and growth, thank you so much, Kay!!  - Remy LeGuin

Kay is very positive and encouraging. She is very passionate about coaching and has a lot of enthusiasm. She is also direct and very willing to share resources with you that she thinks might be helpful. Kay was very good and holding me accountable to the things I wanted to accomplish. She also was very good at challenging me to do more than I thought I could. I learned how important it is to have energy and enthusiasm for the client and to hold them in “high regard”. This helped me to accomplish… - Aynn R

I woke up this morning really feeling ‪‎grateful! I have connected with Kay Sanders on numerous projects and she was so gracious to help me with - how to write a sales page, series of leading emails, flyers/ebook covers, and even web design and functionality. Kay I cannot thank you enough for helping me with your amazing skill set. You really are on to something... your skill set covers from the creative side to the very technical side. Amazing! Thank you so much for all that you have helped me with! I will continue to use you for future projects! - Tamara R.

Kay is a wonderful coach. She's professional and personable, she's reliable and relatable. Her insights uncovered emotional blocks for me and her strategies to address them allowed me to make real progress in my business. She's not always a comfortable place to be, but she is consistently caring and compassionate. Besides, what REAL growth EVER occurred comfortably? She'll take you places you may not want to go, but you'll be so glad you went once you get through it. If you need a virtual kick in the butt, she's got just the pumps for the job. - Eden Adele